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Information is power. Our mission at Portside is to seek out and to provide information that empowers you -- that empowers the left. Every day we search hundreds of sources to connect you with the most interesting, striking and useful material. Just once a year we appeal to you to contribute to make it possible to continue this work. Please help.


Thank You Portside readers

We Portside moderators send you our thanks for responding generously to our annual appeal. You are one of nearly 500 readers who contributed $31,800+.

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Thank you, dear Portside reader!

We all know that at this moment everything is on the table. This year has been astounding, sometimes inspiring, and ultimately menacing. It gave lightning flashes of what a people's movement could accomplish. But the fact remains that we have a nightmare president and administration packed with racists, ultra-billionaires and militarists that are laying siege to the entire democratic system. No one, no group and no institution is safe. 
The election campaigns and victories, the massive mobilizations and grassroots organizing resist this malignant politics. People are not only marching -- they are running and winning, determined to set our country on a different course. We promise to keep these and other resistance fronts in the spotlight.
Thanks to your support, Portside can continue to share progressive news and actions that keep you informed and motivated. When your friends look for reporting, analysis and advocacy based in reality, please refer them to Portside!
None of us makes any money on this venture; all donations go to the project. If you have not yet contributed, or want to join the ranks of our sustainers, click here to make a contribution of whatever amount you choose on our secure server.
We are navigating treacherous currents together. Thanks again from the left side of the ship - the port side.

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