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Friday Nite Videos | May 27, 2022

A Simple Solution: Reduce the Number of Guns. Oye Como Va ft. Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman Santana. Jacinda Ardern at Harvard: Gun Control and Democracy. How Your Phone Knows If You’re Getting an Abortion. The Hidden History of “Hand Talk.”

The Problem Is the Guns. The Guns. The Guns. The Guns.

It's not school security or mental illness or anything else—it’s just all the guns.

Dangerous Imperial Nostalgia – It’s Not Just Russia

The ubiquity and perils of imperial nostalgia, especially as empires decline, highlight the need to create an international security system to replace today’s international anarchy. 

The Supreme Court Is About To Expand Gun Rights

Law professor Darrell Miller forecasts a “radical change” in the law concerning Second Amendment gun rights coming from the Court’s conservative justices.

The Love Affair Between Hollywood and the Pentagon

For the Pentagon, films like Top Gun: Maverick are more than just a movie. They are a recruitment bonanza.

We We Have Failed to Protect Our Kids

Incivility runs through the history of this country, founded on stolen land, built with the labor of stolen lives. The document that governs our lives effectively denied more than half of the population the right to vote.

Is Denying the Nakba Antisemitism?

If expelling people because they are different does indeed constitute “anti-semitism,” then the Nakba — in which roughly 750,000 Palestinians were either expelled from their homes by Israeli forces or fled constitutes a vast “antisemitic” atrocity.

Flight Attendants Fighting Back

Sara Nelson, the head of the flight attendants’ union, leads her members through turbulent times and mounts a major organizing drive at Delta.

PA GOP Governor Candidate - Scariest Man in Politics

The Pennsylvania GOP primary results represent further proof that the Republican Party has transformed into a metaphoric King Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster: Cut off one head, and another pops snarling into its place.

May 26, 2022-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Uvalde School Shootings; Attack on Teachers, on Education, on Public Schools; Starbucks Union Winning; Strategy for Change - DSA and Electoral Politics of the Left; Ozark - What Was it About; Resources; Announcements; more....
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Power of Poetry

Amy Meier Veterans of life Write
California poet Amy Meier wrote this poem in memory of Jacob George, a veteran of 3 tours in Afghanistan whose postwar “moral injury” led him to suicide.


Far Country: Scenes From American Culture

Melissa H. Pierson Barnes and Noble Review
In this short book, an innovative literary critic uses what reviewer Pierson describes as "data-driven or science-based methods not traditionally associated with art appreciation" as tools of qualitative literary analysis and criticism.


Was Ozark Actually About the Clintons?

Ryan Zickgraf Jacobin
In its last season, Ozark goes beyond family drama. It critiques the insidious ways that capitalism and political power work in America and the self-interested choices elites make to keep climbing the ladder.



Donna Pucciani
Chicago poet Donna Pucciani depicts Ukraine’s struggle through the colors of its flag and the grief of domestic details.


How Everyone Got So Lonely

Zoë Heller The New Yorker
The recent decline in rates of sexual activity has been attributed variously to sexism, neoliberalism, and women’s increased economic independence. How fair are those claims—and will we be saved by the advent of the sex robot?


Hegemony Changes Everything

Jennifer Wilson Bookforum
This new biography sheds light on the work and life of this Italian Communist leader who was one of the most significant Marxist theorists of the last 100 years.



Stopping Attacks on Health Care Workers

Tom Conway USW Blog
Attacks on health care workers have reached epidemic levels across the country, exacerbating turnover, turning caregivers into patients and further fraying systems of care already worn thin by COVID-19.


Dollar General Workers Refuse To Be Silenced

Mike Kuhlenbeck The Progressive
Dollar General is one of the lowest-paying major retail chains, with average wages barely above the $7.25 federal minimum. Low pay is made worse by the lack of hours allotted to workers. In response workers are starting to organize.


No More “Normal”

The editors of Rethinking Schools Rethinking Schools
Teachers have underwritten the underfunded public school system with their pocketbooks and after-school hours, stealing both time and money from their families to provide for their students. Normal was awful. It is time to be bold.

Friday nite video


Oye Como Va ft. Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman Santana

The legendary Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana, Becky G, Tito Puente, Jr., Tal Wilkenfeld, Rubén Rada, along with 20 other musicians from around the globe, join together for this energetic, classic, feel-good groove.


How Your Phone Knows If You’re Getting an Abortion

Roe vs. Wade is under threat. And if abortion is made illegal, people seeking to end their pregnancies will face an adversary that didn’t exist in 1973: mountains of data that can be used to track them.