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Beef Has Issues. This Seattle Steakhouse Agrees.

Brett Anderson The New York Times
The Bateau Steakhouse aims to reinvent the steak restaurant by showing how to sidestep the waste and environmental damage caused by the meat industry.

Unions Shouldn’t Be Helping the Health Industry

Julia Rok Jacobin
In New York City, the Municipal Labor Committee is not only helping to block statewide single-payer health care, it’s undermining retiree health care. It’s shortsighted and dangerous politics.

Between speculation and discipline

Kunal Parker Radical Philosophy
This new book attempts a reassessment of Nat Turner's famous rebellion and what it is we actually know about that event.

Bernie Sanders Is Showing the Democrats How to Take on Joe Manchin

Luke Savage Jacobin
For months, Bernie Sanders has been making a case for the multitrillion-dollar reform bill he’s spearheaded in the Senate. Now, he’s taken that case to Joe Manchin’s home turf in West Virginia — and is facing backlash from the mainstream media.