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The Voting Will End Nov. 3. The Legal Battle Probably Won’t.

Peter Baker, Nick Corasaniti, Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman New York Times
As the two parties clash over how to conduct an election in a pandemic, President Trump’s litigiousness and unfounded claims of fraud have increased the likelihood of epic postelection court fights.

Iowans with Past Criminal Convictions Can Now Vote

Brennan Center for Justice
Iowa was the last state in the country that permanently took voting rights away from citizens with past convictions unless the government approved individual rights restoration – which now applies only to people with felony homicide convictions.

Letter to the Socialists, Old and New

Chris Townsend Regeneration
Always recall that we win nothing because we are right, or just, are smarter, or have a better analysis of the crisis. We win with solid and powerful organizing led by a guiding and time-tested set of Socialist principles.

A Virus Has Brought the World’s Most Powerful Country to Its Knees

Ed Yong The Atlantic
Annette Clay gets a hug from a postal worker during a ceremony honoring her daughter Unique Clay.
COVID 19 is but a harbinger of worse plagues to come. The US cannot plan for these inevitable crises if it returns to normal. Normal led to this. To avert another catastrophe, the US needs to grapple with all the ways normal has failed us.

Revisiting a Revolution of Mexican Art in America

Anna Shapiro New York Review of Books
The artists in this show, were truly avant-garde in their social values, championing the underdogs of history when it was unfashionable to do so. Their politics and style became, in the late 1940s, the subject that dared not speak its name.