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Cedric Robinson and the Origins of Race

Minkah Makalami Boston Review
As more of Robinson’s books come back into print, the reviewer argues that reading them with his seminal work Black Marxism can enrich our understanding of racial capitalism and offer additional tools for fighting our present political impasse.


Who Betrayed Us? The Failure of the German Revolution, 1918-19

Neal Ascherson London Review of Books
A new book on the ill-fated German revolution is exhaustive while casting doubt on the possibility of a successful workers’ uprising. The reviewer prefers an out-of-print work that faults the Social Democratic right for saving the extant ruling class

Friday Nite Videos | January 1, 2021

All the Ways Georgia Is Suppressing the Vote. The 2020 Song - A Year in Review | We Didn't Start the Fire Parody. Bernie Sanders Slams Mitch McConnell on $2,000 Stimulus Checks. What $1.7 Trillion in Student Debt Looks Like. Do You Love Me?

How Sci-Fi Shaped Socialism

Nick Hubble Tribune Magazine
From William Morris to Ursula K. Le Guin and Iain M. Banks, science fiction has provided an outlet for socialist thinkers – offering a break from a bleak political reality and allowing them to imagine a vastly different world.


Friedrich Engels at 200: A Revolutionary Historian

Christian Hogsbjerg History Workshop
November 28, 2020 marks the bicentenary of the birth of Friedrich Engels. The German revolutionary philosopher made pathbreaking and profound contributions to modern social and political theory, playing a critical role in developing classical Marxism

Tidbits - Dec. 3, 2020 - Reader Comments: Stopping Future Authoritarians, Working Class Voters, Urban-Rural Divide; Nursing Home Workers; Georgia Runoff; Biblical Roots of Socialism; China; How to Rebuild the Economy; Discount/Free Books; Announcements;

Reader Comments: Stopping Future Authoritarians, Working Class Voters; Nursing Home Workers; Georgia Runoff; Urban-Rural Voter Divide; Biblical Roots of Socialism; China; How to Rebuild the U.S. Economy; Discount/Free Books; Resources; Announcements;
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