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We Speak, We Remember, We Will Win

Jessica Juarez Scruggs
I will use my voice to share all of the stories that have been silence because they are inconvenient or might spoil someone’s ambitions. We are all at risk, but once again, women, particularly women of color, are on the front line.

Tidbits - October 20, 2016 - Reader Comments: Trump-A Setting Time Bomb; Help Protect Our Elections; Lift Us Up - A song for America; Thoughts on Syria; Announcements; and more ...

Reader Comments: Trump-A Setting Time Bomb; You Can Help Protect Our Elections; Inequality (and Climate Change) ARE Defining Issues of Our Time; Women Share Rape Stories; Paul Ryan's Fear - GOP Loss is Win for Bernie Sanders; Lift Us Up - A song for America (Sung by Bethany Yarrow; written by Peter Yarrow); Thoughts on Syria; Announcements: 70th Anniversary of Southern Youth Legislature; Justice for Laquan - Chicago; Book Talk: Women Fight the Islamic State

Women Share Rape Stories in Response to Donald Trump's Disgusting Comments

Vera Papisova; Julianna Baggott Teen Vogue
Last week, hours after the disclosure of #TrumpTapes, and the gloating predatory and misogynist language Donald Trump used, New York Times best-selling author, survivor, and Twitter legend Kelly Oxford asked sexual assault survivors to share their stories. The result is nothing short of harrowing. Teen Vogue magazine shared some of the most immediate responses the next day. Today, there are even more allegations of Trump's sexual assualts and the defense by GOP leaders.
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