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Candyman Comes For the Privileged

Anthony Breznican Vanity Fair
In director and cowriter Nia DaCosta’s new Candyman, the body count mostly includes those who repeat the practices of systemic cruelty and racism that led to his lynching and other hateful deaths.

The Police 'Just Launched a War’

J. Lester Feder Politico
Protesters took to the streets last summer to protest police violence. Lawsuits making headway in Columbus and other cities are showing that the police crackdown helped prove their point.

Police and the License to Kill

Detroit police killed hundreds of unarmed Blacks in response to the civil rights movement. Their ability to get away with it reveals why most of today’s proposals to make police more accountable are bound to fail, and how we can do better.

Compliance Will Not Save Me

Ibram X. Kendi The Atlantic
Black and brown people’s defiance is not the problem. Our compliance is not the solution.
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