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The Privatization of Vaccination

Anissa Gardizy, Kay Lazar and Adam Vaccaro Boston Globe
Massachusetts spent 20 years refining its own mass vaccination plan. Then it looked elsewhere.

The Deep Rot of the Massachusetts Democratic Party

Daniel Boguslaw The New Republic
The Bay State’s deep-blue reputation obscures a cynical political establishment that’s more interested in accruing power than in advancing progressive policies.

MBTA Outsourcing is Not Paying Off

Craig Hughes Commonwealth Magazine
The 18.6 million dollar repair contract for the 32-bus fleet, which was bid in 2013, was the only bid the T received and came in nearly 18 percent below estimate.

Local Progressives Continue Working Toward 'Political Revolution'

Richie Davis The Recorder
FCCPR, a grass-roots effort that morphed out of the Pioneer Valley for Bernie (Sanders) organization last summer, turned its emphasis from "get out the vote" to long-range issues. "We said, 'We'll stick together and work on issues long-term,'" said Cohen. Seven task forces have been meeting every couple of weeks to actively advance their seven areas of concern, including civil rights, education, electoral politics and workers' rights.
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