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State of Resistance – California Fights Back

Fred Glass The Stansbury Forum
unhoused man at bus stop At the same moment that Trump was riding his horse Xenophobe through a narrow passageway in the Electoral College to the presidency, California elected only Democrats..., extended progressive tax revenues and ...locked out anti-immigrant policy...

Subway Woes? Don't Blame Workers

Laura Gabby Labor Notes
The “Subway Scam” ads are the latest baloney from the Center for Union Facts, a corporate-backed nonprofit devoted to attacking unions. According to recent tax filings, its funders include hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, a major backer of the Trump presidential campaign and Breitbart News.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is Actually Pence's—And It's All About Privatization

Lydia O'Neal and David Sirota Newsweek
The companies’ management of the toll road drew criticism over everything from emergency management to toll increases. In September 2008, for instance, the state ordered a suspension of tolls so residents could evacuate a flood zone, and, as a result, the state had to pay the consortium nearly $450,000 in foregone revenue.

Trump and the Infrastructure of Fascism

Gerald Epstein Dollars & Sense
This event, then, tied, in a sinister but clear way, Trump’s infrastructure plan with the racist, anti-Semitic, and neo-fascist members of Trump’s base movement .
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