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Friday Nite Videos | July 17, 2020

GOP Lawmakers Set to Skip Trump's Convention. Black Physicians' Plea to America. Rick Wilson's Most Uncomfortable Interview. The Fight for America's 51st State, Explained. Bye Don Jr: Love Me, Daddy! | Meidas Touch

The White Left Needs to Embrace Black Leadership

Barbara Ransby The Nation
While protesters hold up the simple message “Black Lives Matter,” organizers in the Movement for Black Lives make clear that this fight is as much about ending racial capitalism as it is anything else.

A Politics of Our Time: Reworking Afro-Asian Solidarity

Yuichiro Onishi UnMargin
Asian Americans’ relationship to state violence that disproportionately affects Black men and women is entangled within existing relations of hierarchy and exploitation in complex ways. Given this, we would do well, to hone a politics of our time.
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