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Protests at Standing Rock

Lawrence O'Donnell explains why a protest by Native Americans in North Dakota reminds us of the history America always tries to forget.

Progressive Clinton Supporters: You Broke It, You Bought It

Becky Bond, contributor The Hill
Progressives who supported Clinton in the primary should use their leverage to ensure Clinton makes good on her vow to stop TPP and keep other promises she made on the campaign trail to win progressive votes. Bernie supporters will have your back, but it's up to you to lead on this one. It's serious -and - it can't wait until after the inauguration. From the perspective of progressives who supported Bernie in the primary, this election is a shotgun wedding.

What Bernie Sanders Still Wants

Sam Frizell Time magazine
Sanders aides say that the biggest issue—and the one where they may have the most leverage—is opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation trade deal that President Obama supports. But Sanders will fight for a battery of other policies, from a fracking ban to a $15 minimum wage.

Pennsylvania Township Legalizes Civil Disobedience

Chad Nicholson and Stacy Long Popular Resistance
Grant Township Supervisor Stacy Long explained, “We’re tired of being told by corporations and our so-called environmental regulatory agencies that we can’t stop this injection well! This isn’t a game. We’re being threatened by a corporation with a history of permit violations, and that corporation wants to dump toxic frack wastewater into our Township.”

Bernie, Hillary, and Fractivism 2.0 in NY

Ari Phillips Fusion
Since NY has banned fracking, a lot of people are working to try and develop clean energy at the state, county, and local levels. These efforts together are known as “fractivism 2.0.” “They’re trying to prevent the country and the planet from digging their own graves by committing ourselves to another 50 or 100 years of burning fossil fuels.”
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