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Epidemic of Despair Could Haunt America Long After COVID

Lynn Parramore Institute for New Economic Thinking
Researchers worry the pandemic may have severe after-effects, with deaths of despair impacting more distressed and newly-vulnerable populations. Only a serious reform of American capitalism can address the kind of distress and insecurity that kills.

These Stories Aren’t Heartwarming They’re an Indictment of the System

Nathan J. Robinson Current Affairs
A nurse in Los Angeles talks to an ABC news reporter. The news is filled with “uplifting” human interest tales of workers walking six miles and nurses scrounging up sick leave. Injustice is so normalized that stories that should be enraging indictments of the system pass for heartwarming vignettes.

Post-Election Reflections on Sinophobia in U.S. Politics

Tobita Chow Organizing Upgrade
Trump speech notes The bulk of our progressive forces are focused on policy at the local or national level, paying much less attention to global dimensions. But the need for an internationalist agenda will tend to become more and more apparent as they grow in power.
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