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Make Normalizing Relations with Cuba a Priority

Medea Benjamin Foreign Policy in Forcus
With the stroke of a pen, Biden could lift trade and travel restrictions and allow unrestricted remittances to Cuba, alleviating needless pandemic suffering.

International Solidarity Rebuilt Postwar Vietnam

Owen Hatherley jacobin
During the Vietnam War, the city of Vinh was almost destroyed by US bombing. Socialists around the world helped rebuild it. Today, Vinh's architecture stands as a monument to that internationalist solidarity.

Gabriel García Márquez and Magical Internationalism

Laura Capote People's Dispatch
García Márquez was a pilgrim of the world. His passion to know the truth, that age-old fetish of journalists, led him to travel and engage with the reality of the different people that he met.

Cuba’s Contributions in the Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Franklin Frederick Socialist Project: The Bullet
While many public health experts attribute the lack of healthcare in Latin America to lack of resources, the Cuban Revolution shows that when resources are distributed equitably, health outcomes previously unimaginable are possible.
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