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Why is AFL-CIO So Worried About Its Vermont Affiliate?

Steve Early CounterPunch
Last November, Trumka tried, unsuccessfully, to block any state convention discussion of a general strike contingency plan in the event of a constitutional crisis (of the sort which did occur on January 6).


Black Worker Centers: Building Workplace Power in the Communities

Matthew Cunnington-Cook The American Prospect
Worker centers in general serve as a clearinghouse for workers’ needs when forming a union is all but impossible. Even in anti-union terrains, the centers have found ways to change public and corporate policies.


Right to Work has Failed to Live up to Conservative Hype

Rick Haglund Michigan Advance
The annual decline in the number of union members actually slowed after the a right-to-work law in Michigan took effect in 2013. And membership grew to 604,000 in 2020 from 589,000 in 2019. 


Looking for John Sweeney - A Correction

Kim Scipes Portside
John Sweeney with others at a march. The death of AFL-CIO President John Sweeney has evoked examinations of his legacy. One can praise the good things but its important to address the bad things so we can have a more accurate understanding of his time.

Tidbits - Feb. 18, 2021 - Reader Comments: No One is Above the Law; Climate Briefing; Fast Food Workers; Affordable Housing; John Sweeney; Black Panther Party; Jazz and Race; Rosa Luxemburg symposium; Working-Class New York Revisited; more...

Reader Comments: No One is Above the Law; Climate Briefing; Fast Food Workers; Affordable Housing - New York's Coops; John Sweeney; Black Panther Party; Jazz and Race; International symposium - Rosa Luxemburg; Working-Class New York Revisited; more.


John Sweeney Was Our Era’s Most Influential Labor Leader

Bill Fletcher Jr. and Fernando E. Gapasin Jacobin
John Sweeney The late AFL-CIO leader John Sweeney was an admirable figure who had a vision for reinvigorated US labor unions. But he only tried to reform a union movement that needed a more fundamental refoundation.


Remembrance of John Sweeney, Former SEIU and AFL-CIO President

Jon Hiatt OnLabor
Both at SEIU and the AFL-CIO, President Sweeney felt a particular responsibility to those workers most exploited, most vulnerable, and historically most ignored or worse by organized labor. In my opinion, this was his most important legacy.
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