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Humanitarian Intervention: A Debate

Intervention is an act of war. Humanitarian intervention is a mere euphemism. When we advocate humanitarian intervention, we are advocating war. The movement for intervention is a movement for war.

Farming and Resistance in Palestine

We are a nation under Israeli occupation and we need to produce food that will make us stronger and more independent.

Sudan and the Role of the African American Left

Sudanese protestors demanding an end to military rule.
Citing the response to the historic popular uprising in Sudan, the author warns some on the African American Left may have joined Euro-American political scientists in undervaluing the potential for political mobilization in sub-Saharan Africa.

14 States Direct Public Money to Fake Abortion Clinics

A Crisis Pregnancy Center in St. Paul, MN.
Some 14 states are using public dollars to fund so-called "crisis pregnancy centers," which pose as legitimate medical facilities, when in fact their true function is to deter people from seeking abortion, often by providing false information.

We Are Here Because You Were There:*

Refugees at the US-Mexican Border

Friday Nite Videos | July 19, 2019

AOC Grills Trump Official on Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group. COVFEFE - Grounds for Impeachment. Trump Lies About Racist Rally Chant: A Closer Look. Supporters Greet Ilhan Omar as She Arrives in Home State. The Dark Side of the Moon Mission.

The Fight for 15’s Long, Winding, and Brandeisian Road

The progression of the Fight for 15 from a left-wing community organization and a left-wing union to left-wing cities to left-wing states to the Democratic mainstream is representative of the transformation of the Democratic Party in recent years

Trees' Mind-Blowing Potential to Tackle Climate Crisis

Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to recapture huge amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Puerto Rico Rises

When Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane María, Governor Ricardo Rosselló hid the extent of the devastation and joked about killing political rivals. Now, those messages are public — and the Puerto Rican people are ready for an alternative.

The Dark Side of the Moon Mission

“For that kind of money,” Vonnegut cracked on the CBS Evening News, “the least [NASA] can do is discover God.” Nostalgia lends itself to glossing over the protest and unrest of the time. Here, we remember.
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Leaves of Crass

Jeff Balch Evanston Round Table
Illinois poet Jeff Balch takes some liberties with Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” turning the verse into something like the voice of our president, if he were poetic.

The Smoked Paprika Museum in Spain Honors a Family Tradition

Jennifer Billock Smithsonian Magazine
Smoked paprika, the finished product. In Extremadura, entire families participate in harvesting peppers and making smoked paprika. A museum in Jaraiz de la Vera honors the Hernández family and others in the region who have been instrumental in the production of the spice.


Bondage Love

John J. Brugaletta Writer's Almanac
California poet John J. Brugaletta explains the silent magic of Houdini and why the public adores escape artists.



Hector Figueroa, Union Leader With Impact, Dies at 57

Patrick McGeehan The New York Times
Hector Figueroa, who as president of one of the country’s most influential labor unions led successful campaigns for better pay and working conditions for thousands of low-wage workers, died on Thursday at his home in Jackson Heights, Queens.


Organize 100,000 New Workers in 5 Years? UNITE HERE Says It Will

Andrew Wallender Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report
UNITE HERE set an ambitious organizing goal at its convention. The union also pledged to get more of its members elected into political office, increase retirement security, and build a culture of inclusion and partnership within its ranks.


Here’s What Unions Think about Medicare for All

Amanda Michelle Gomez ThinkProgress
How might collective bargaining change if health care wasn't tethered to work? Democratic presidential candidates aren’t in agreement over how to solve the current health care crisis, where 1 in 2 sick Americans cannot afford health care.

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AOC Grills Trump Official on Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group

‘You don’t think that having 10,000 officers in a violent, racist group sharing rape memes of members of Congress points to any concern?’ — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) pressed the DHS sec after he denied a culture of dehumanization within Border Patrol.


COVFEFE - Grounds for Impeachment

In preparation for Mueller testimony before Congress, we present Roy Zimmerman's explanation of the real meaning of the mysterious Covfefe tweet


The Dark Side of the Moon Mission

“For that kind of money,” Kurt Vonnegut cracked on the CBS Evening News about the Apollo 11 moon landing, “the least NASA can do is discover God.” At the time of the mission, civil rights activists, anti-Vietnam War protesters and even top scientists were skeptical of its purpose and doubtful of its value. Contributions of women and black people like test pilot Ed Dwight were diminished and buried for years. Nostalgia lends itself to glossing over the protest and unrest of the time.


Bernie Sanders Sits Down With Rachel Maddow

Senator Bernie Sanders talks with Rachel Maddow about the overwhelming audiences for his campaign events, the exhausting pace of the campaign, and spontaneous generation of as many as 200,000 grassroots volunteers nationwide helping spread the word