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Danger at the Mask Factory

Leila Miller L.A. Times
Advocates and workers say Los Angeles Apparel failed to come clean about its coronavirus outbreak, creating a climate of fear.


The Silent Death of Workers in India

Víctor M. Olazábal Equal Times
India's labor market primarily operates within the informal sector and is fraught with the most precarious of conditions, but in an environment where workers can lose their jobs for speaking out, most keep quiet to survive.


The Welfare of Workers Should be Our Primary Concern…

Gary Herman Union Solidarity International
An increase in restructuring, downsizing, merging, outsourcing and subcontracting, precarious work and a higher likelihood of massive layoffs of workers, unemployment, poverty and social exclusion are a source of what is known in the field as ‘psychosocial hazards,' according to a study by the ILO.
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