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The Role of Labour Activism in Vietnam’s Coronavirus Success

Joe Buckley Equal Times
Worker action has helped push the Vietnamese government to address COVID-19. At the time of writing, there have been 334 cases and no deaths. Through strikes and workplace activity, workers have demanded protection and support.


The Postal Strike of 1970: Relevance to Today

Lawrence Swaim Talking Union
The postal strike of 1970 lasted only a couple of weeks. The purpose was to demonstrate conclusively that postal workers could be pushed only so far. It could be described as an unsanctioned or wildcat strike, and it was also a felony-level crime.


Strike Shuts Down Third-Biggest U.S. Port

Robert Hennelly CBS Money Watch
According to some reports, longshore workers are fed up with the NY Waterfront Commision's refusal to hire full-time workers, excessive drug testing and outsourcing of work.
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