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Movements Mobilize To Interrupt a Coup

Marcy Rein Organizing Upgrade
Three things are key: engaging as many people as possible in demonstrations and non-cooperation; asserting that we are the true defenders of democracy; and committing to strategic nonviolence.

The Right-Wing War on American Voters

Bob Moser Right Wing Watch
Anyone who imagined, after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, that the Republican right had maxxed out the possibilities for suppressing the votes of people unlikely to vote for its candidates was sorely mistaken.

Judge Demands Answers from RNC After Allegations of Illegal Poll Monitoring

Lauren McCauley Common Dreams
U.S. District Court Judge John Vazquez has given the party a deadline of 5:00 pm Tuesday by which time it must detail "agreements in any form between [the RNC] and the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump...regarding voter fraud, ballot security, ballot integrity, poll watching, or poll monitoring."
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