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Is the OAS Playing a Constructive Role on Venezuela? What Should It Be Doing Differently? - Dialogue

D. Smilde; M. TinkerSalas; J. McCoy; M. Weisbrot; S. Ellner Venezuela Dialogue
The OAS has no positive role to play in resolving the political crisis in Venezuela, any more than would Senator Marco Rubio or other Florida politicians who seek regime change there. It should be clear that the organization is currently an instrument of those who simply want to use the current crisis to topple the Venezuelan government. People who want to avoid escalating violence or civil war in Venezuela should not pretend otherwise. Differing responses.

The Untold History of US War Crimes

Peter Kuzinick and Edu Montesanti Global Research (Canada)
In this exclusive interview, Prof Peter Kuznick speaks of: the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagazaki; US crimes and lies behind the Vietnam war, and what was really behind that inhumane invasion; why the US engaged a Cold War with the Soviet Union, and how that war and the mainstream media influences the world today; the interests behind the assassinations of President Kennedy; US imperialism towards Latin America. . .the War on Terror and War on Drugs.

Obama Wrong to Isolate Venezuela

Oliver Stone and Mark Weisbrot The Boston Globe
The Obama administration seems surrealistically unaware that this is a very different hemisphere than it was 15 years ago. Governments representing the majority of Latin America are now from the left. These governments emphatically reject Washington’s depiction of the recent events in Venezuela as a government trying to “repress peaceful protesters."
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