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Michigan: Largest Fast Food Strike Yet

Ned Resnikoff MSNBC
As many as 400 workers at more than 60 fast food restaurants in the Detroit metro area walked off the job on Friday. The fast food strike in Detroit is the second major labor action to hit an American city’s fast food industry this week: On Wednesday and Thursday, more than 100 workers in St. Louis walked off the job at roughly 30 different restaurants. These rolling walkouts followed similar actions in New York, central Pennsylvania, and Chicago.


“The Union Has to Be About Social Justice”

An interview with Cecily Myart-Cruz Jacobin
Incoming LA teachers' union president Cecily Myart-Cruz was a leader of the city’s landmark 2019 strike. Now she explains why it’s important to get police out of schools and what the labor movement can do about it.


It's Time to Make Black Lives Matter in Our Unions

Bianca Cunningham Labor Notes
Workers at a rally with Black Lives Matter Signs Black people have the highest rates of unionization in the United States. But white men hold the most powerful leadership positions, regardless of the make-up of the members themselves.

Arab Workers And The Struggle For Democracy

Joel Beinin Jacobin
Since 2011, Arab labor organizations and left parties have been central to movements for democracy and social justice in the Middle East. Frequently overlooked in Western media coverage...they’ve carried on this fight against tremendous odds.
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