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Ode to SARS-CoV-2

H.C. Palmer
Kansas City poet H.C. Palmer puts the blame on Trump (where it belongs): “For the past 8 months, the president watched with indifference as hundreds of thousands of Americans died and tens of millions were disabled from COVID-19."


Nominative Determinism--A found poem*

Ellaraine Lockie
Nominative determinism, explains poet Ellaraine Lockie about a certain president, is the hypothesis that people gravitate towards areas of work that fit their name.



Janice Miller Potter Chiron Review
New England poet Janice Miller Potter reminds us of the social costs of having a “president of lies,” a “president of shamelessness.”


How Harvard Aims to Muzzle Unions

Walter Johnson The New York Review of Books
Over months of contract bargaining, Harvard reached common ground with the union on some issues. But over the course of a recent strike, the university began to lash out in punitive and ominous ways.


US Labor Says: No War on Iran!

U.S. Labor Against the War U.S. Labor Against the War
Our members have more in common with the working brothers and sisters abroad than with the Trump administration or any chicken-hawk politician.

How Trump Lost an Evangelical Stalwart

Emma Green The Atlantic
The editor in chief of Christianity Today explains his scathing editorial about the president’s behavior—and the damage he argues his fellow Christians are doing to the Gospel.
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