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Why Trump Wants Sudan to Befriend Israel - Two Articles

Alex de Waal (BBC), Jason Burke and Oliver Holmes (The Guardian) BBC and The Guardian
With Sudan in desperate straits - a collapsing economy, hyperinflation looming and a nationwide food crisis - the administration of US President Donald Trump and the Israeli government have seen an opportunity. Palestinians call it a new stab in back

Trump’s Secretary of State Tries to Extort Cash from Struggling Sudan

Mitchell Plitnick Responsible Statecraft
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduok. Mike Pompeo’s trip to the Middle East and North Africa was a scandalous failure. His Sudan visit demonstrates just how degraded the United States’ foreign policy has become under Donald Trump, and with Pompeo at the helm of the State Department.

Arab Workers And The Struggle For Democracy

Joel Beinin Jacobin
Since 2011, Arab labor organizations and left parties have been central to movements for democracy and social justice in the Middle East. Frequently overlooked in Western media coverage...they’ve carried on this fight against tremendous odds.
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