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Friday Nite Videos | November 26, 2021

Jeanine Pirro Cold Open | SNL. Bolivian Andean Music | KAMAQ. Passing | Movie. NASA Launches 'Planetary Defense' Probe vs Asteroid. In the Dark of the Valley | Documentary.


NASA Launches 'Planetary Defense' Probe vs Asteroid

Borrowing a page from Hollywood’s playbook, NASA on Tuesday launched its first-ever attempt to redirect an asteroid, an important test for the future of the defense of the Earth from catastrophic impacts.

How the Ancient Romans Went to the Bathroom

Lina Zeldovich Smithsonian
A new book by journalist Lina Zeldovich traces the management of human waste—and underscores poop’s potential as a valuable resource

The Uncomfortable Truths of American Spaceflight

Marina Koren The Atlantic
The Artemis program didn’t transpire because a bunch of lunar scientists got together in a room and decided to do it; it exists because Trump sought to bolster his presidential legacy.

Friday Nite Videos | November 12, 2021

El Carretero | Giovanni Hidalgo & Friends. Your COP-26 Questions Answered: Is It Too Late? Tom Morello | Hold the Line. The Drummer | Danny Glover Movie. Big Bird Has a New Word for Ted Cruz.

Your COP-26 Questions Answered: Is It Too Late?

Nature reporters travelled to COP26 to ask climate scientists from around the world the most pressing questions. In this video, we ask one simple question - is it too late?

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