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The U.S. `Six Party System' 4.0: Revising the Hypothesis Again

Carl Davidson Organizing Upgrade
Setting aside the traditional `two-party system' frame, which obscures far more than it reveals, and making use of a `six-party' model instead. The new hypothesis, I suggested, had far more explanatory power regarding the events unfolding before us.

Demographics Are Not Destiny

Barry Eidlin Jacobin
Democrats were wrong to think that shifting demographics alone would hand them victory. What then determines whether workers respond to economic grievances with nativism or solidarity? In a word, organization.

Political Parties, Left, Right and Purely Satirical

Victor Grossman Portside
In June Europe had to digest results of the European Parliament elections-and choke down some pretty nasty clumps. Far-right groups took alarming leads in France and Britain, came in stronger than ever in Austria, Denmark, Belgium, always building on hatred against immigrants, mostly Muslim immigrants. In Greece and Hungary outright pro-Nazi parties shot upward in votes and influence. Left-wing parties registered big gains in Portugal, Spain and Greece and in Germany ...
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