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A Green New Deal for Decarceration

Brett Story and Seth J. Prins Jacobin
people with picket signs To save the planet, a Green New Deal has to transform our entire society. Part of that transformation must include the deconstruction of our system of mass incarceration.

What's Next? - All Peoples' Movement for #BlackLivesMatter; From Occupy to Ferguson

Jessica Stites; Nicholas Powers
Cities and the federal government have already offered a slew of concessions: civil rights investigations, body cameras, civilian review boards, increased diversity in police departments. These reforms are not likely to fulfill protesters' demand for a transformation of policing in the United States. Where the protests are headed .. 'If we recognize the system doesn't work for us . then you're talking about getting rid of capitalism.'

No More Eric Garners

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Jacobin
Politicians are getting fat off the destruction of the lives of young black men and women, who are the overwhelming victims of American policing and unjust practices of the judicial system. "Broken windows" policing has criminalized entire communities, leading to thousands of frivolous arrests that ruin people’s lives.
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