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David And Goliath In Our Time

H Patricia Hynes Portside
anti-nukes demonstration Currently the US has no coherent foreign policy on nuclear weapons and no climate policy. We are also benighted by a press and politicians for whom nuclear weapons seem to be a non-issue, gauging by primary and presidential debates.

Israel’s War Industry Embraces Emirates With Open Arms

Tamara Nassar The Electronic Intifada
Gaza City neighborhood destruction The Weizmann Institute’s deep involvement in Israel’s arms industry, nuclear weapons program as well as chemical and biological weapons research is a perfect match for the Emirati university, which is closely tied to the government.

Internationalism: Urgent for the Moment and the Long Haul

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
The more U.S. movements are infused with internationalism, the more we contribute to getting Washington’s bloody hands out of other countries. That bolsters the capacity of people in other lands to improve their lives and fight our common enemy.

India and China: What’s Behind the Recent Border Conflict?

Conn Hallinan Dispatches from the Edge
Chinese and Indian troops on the disputed border in the Himalayas. India and China’s confrontation over a border in Himalaya is actually about energy and water. Britain’s colonial legacy is part of the problem; but military posturing and arms races won’t solve the extremely delicate diplomatic issues in the region.

Poet Survivors, Military Realists and Millennials: August 6 and 9

H Patricia Hynes Portside
75 years ago today the United States unleashed nuclear destruction on Japan and the world. “Nuclear war is a raging, insatiable beast whose instincts and appetites we pretend to understand but cannot possibly control.” Nothing justifies these weapons

Tipping The Nuclear Dominoes

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy in Focus
Why is Trump unraveling treaties on nuclear arms? It's not just greed -- some people want to use them. The test ban did - and does - slow the development of nuclear weapons and limits their proliferation to other countries.
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