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Crushing Labor Unions and the Middle Class: Is this the American Way?

DIANE RAVITCH Diane Ravitch's Blog
Inequality across much of Europe has widened, but it is still quite modest when compared with the vast income gap in the United States.The question is whether relative equity can hold as workplace institutions that for decades protected European employees’ standard of living give way to a more lightly regulated, American-style approach, where the government hardly interferes in the job market and organized labor has little say.


Economists and Labor

Henry M. Banta The Huffington Post
The fact that a very large, not to mention very influential, part of the economics profession strongly supports the revitalization of the labor movement has largely gone unnoticed (at least outside the upper echelon of the AFL-CIO). The question is whether the labor movement, as well as liberals generally, can use this as effectively as conservatives used the economics of the hard core free market ideologues.

The Most Important Labor Strike in the World Is Happening Right Now

David Callahan Policy Shop Blog / Demos
Tens of thousands of workers at industrial estates across Indonesia walked off their jobs on Oct 28 at the start of week-long protests to demand average wage increases of 50 per cent next year, citing rising living costs.


BART Strike Illustrates Heated Debate Over Public-Sector Work Stoppages

Josh Richman San Jose Mercury News
"Union struggles reflect on all jobs," said Jane Smith, 30, a data scientist from San Francisco. "Unions won the struggle for a 40-hour workweek, and we are all benefiting from that still. Unions also fight for higher wages, which translate to higher wages for all Americans." The BART strike is a symptom of "the income and wealth inequality that is plaguing our nation," she said. "I can't believe that people are missing the point."

Why We Tax: A Timely Reminder for Tax Day

Sam Pizzigati Campaign for America's Future - Blog
Media darling Rand Paul is doing his best to end progressive taxation in America. Randolph Paul, over a half-century ago, helped make progressive taxation a prime building block for America’s middle class golden age. To stop politicos like Rand, we need to remember insightful advocates like Randolph.


Why Unions Are Going Into the Co-op Business

Amy Dean yes!
A cooperative model places union members firmly in the role of being innovators. It allows the labor movement not only to promote a positive vision of members realizing their best selves in the workplace, but also to provide the skills that will enable people to do that.
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