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Reviving the Asylum Is Not the Answer to Gun Violence

Anne Parsons, Michael Rembis and Liat Ben-Moshe Truthout
beds in a "group home" In this era of law-and-order politics,...we do not need more incarceration. It does not make people safer, it tears communities apart, and many people, including incarcerated people themselves, have argued that incarceration actually produces mental illness.

Did a Psychiatric Hospital Lock Up People for Profit?

Jessica Huseman ProPublica
BuzzFeed’s Rosalind Adams set out to learn why America’s largest psychiatric hospital chain was under investigation. Source by source, she built a case that Universal Health Services was locking up people for profit.

Intersecting Criminalization: What Killed Ugandan Refugee Alfred Olango

Michelle Chen Truthout
To flee from a war zone, only to be met with a fatal police bullet on the other side of the world: It's an uncomfortable, truncated narrative of an abbreviated life. This was how Alfred Olango's life concluded late last month, at the intersection of many forces of violence that converged at a San Diego suburb, in a scene that braided strands of war, policing, race and migration.
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