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May Day: A Day Without Immigrants - Strike! Hundreds Of Thousands Of Workers Will Strike May 1, Organizers Say

Cosecha; Cora Lewis Cosecha
For years our community has marched, voted, and gone through the courts. We've won some battles, but we're losing the war. Striking will show the public that this country cannot function without us and help us win protection, dignity and respect. Cosecha is organizing a series of strikes that will culminate in a week without immigrants. It all starts on May 1st. STRIKING REVEALS OUR TRUE POWER - MAY 1ST IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

The Labor Movement’s May Day Promise

Erica Smiley The American Prospect
Some cast the labor movement as dying or even dead, but even amid attacks on collective bargaining workers are finding innovative ways to organize.

Half-Million on Strike Across France

teleSUR English; Jonah Birch Jacobin
The revolt in France is growing! Up to 500,000 people went on strike and took to the streets across the country to protest unpopular pro-business labor reforms that would leave many people unemployed and would be an attack on worker's rights. France's largest cities saw a new wave of street demonstrations and strikes as student groups and unions tried to maintain pressure on the government just days before the bill is brought to Parliament.(teleSUR English)

Friday Nite Videos -- May 1, 2015 (Five for May Day)

Whose country is this anyhow? Whose world is it going to be? Those are questions that May Day, the international workers' holiday, has always asked. Listen to these five songs of labor and struggle, from brand new to nearly a century old, and take pleasure and inspiration from how they point to answers.

Tidbits - April 30, 2015 - Baltimore; Martin Luther King on Protesters Who Use Violence; How to Help; US `World Leader' in Child Poverty; and more...

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The “Longue durée” of the Québec Spring

Pierre Beaudet The Bullet
A “coalition of coalitions” -- comprising unions, students, and several other sectors, even including elected municipal officials -- has coordinated movements of protest over the past years and is leading toward a great day of action on May Day. Beyond that several actions are planned for over the course of the summer eventually leading to an important workers’ strike next fall.


May Day Around the World and Crisis in U.S. - Three Reports

(1) Workers around the world hold May Day protests and celebrations. (2) The strength of social democracy in Canada translates to an amazing contrast between the living standards of US workers and their compatriots to the north. (3) As voters in some major US cities choose left leadership, the rising tide of inequality presents major contradictions.

Tidbits - May 1, 2014 - Happy May Day

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