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Emily Cardei Newsweek
The Service Employee International Union, along with other public sector and service industry unions, was not invited to President Trump's meeting with certain union leaders. Its President Mary Kay Henry expects to be hit hard by Trump's cuts. She hopes by expanding the Fight for $15 campaign support for unions will broaden.


SEIU Teams Up with Billionaire Tom Steyer on Voter Mobilization Effort in Key Battleground States

Matea Gold The Washington Post
A $10 million effort backed by the Service Employees International Union and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer will involve intense door-knocking and phone banking in working-class communities, with an emphasis on engaging African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos around the issues of economic inequality and environmental degradation. The initiative part of a broader effort to expand collaboration between the labor movement and environmental activists.


Over 100 McDonald’s Workers Arrested Protesting Outside Shareholder Meeting

Alan Pyke
Fast food workers earn 1,200 times less than CEOs, the widest disparity of any U.S. economic sector. McDonald’s employees make about $8.25 per hour on average before taxes, and the corporation tacitly acknowledges it pays poverty wages. The company drew flak last year for a website that advised its employees to budget by spending nothing on keeping their homes warm, finding a place to live that costs less than $600 a month and spending $20 a month on health insurance.


Strike For Day Seeks To Raise Fast-Food Pay

Steven Greenhouse The New York Times
Fast-food workers one day strike spreads to many cities. Workers at MacDonald's, Taco Bell, Popeye's, Long John Silver's and other restaurants hold one day strike demanding higher wages.
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