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Not One More Coup in Latin America!

Ruth Needleman Portside
Honduras, Venezuela, Argentina… is Brazil next? Will the progressive policies initiated by the Workers’ Party’s mythic hero Lula, carried forward by Pres. Dilma Rousseff, end in what many left and radical activists are calling “coups” without the military? The most repeated slogan at this year’s 15th World Social Forum in Porto Alegre was: “Not another coup.”

Socialism: No Longer a Dirty Word; Making a Comeback Around the World

Michael Steven Smith; Van Gosse
The word socialism is in the air these days. Socialism of many varieties has been enjoying a comeback in Latin America for some time. Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Lula da Silva, the late Hugo Chavez have been the region's dominant leaders in this century. And now there is a remarkable resurgence of European socialism. And, and, the candidate everyone is talking about is...Bernie Sanders, democratic socialist.

Responses to The Tragedy of Party Communism

Kurt Stand, David Cohen and Jack Radey Portside
Two weeks ago Portside published an essay by Michael Brie, The Tragedy of Party Communism. Here Kurt Stand, David Cohen and Jack Radey reflect on their participation in the socialist movement, what lessons there may be to draw on, as well as which to forget. For today's and tomorrow's socialists, they see socialism as a system that could be reformed, capitalism a system that needs to be abolished.

Chile’s Journey Towards A Constituent Assembly

Bruno Sommer Catalan Equal Times
Chile's Constitution, has its roots in the Pinochet dictatorship and consecrates the neoliberal model, As a result the economy is concentrated in the hands of 0.01 per cent of the population, while two thirds of the nation's GDP is in the hands of foreign capital
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