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The COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes Fatal Health Inequities

Meredeth Turshen and Annie Thébaud-Mony Monthly Review
Over the past four decades, however, government health policies have reduced health services to commodities and objects of speculative investment.

The Filibuster Question: States’ Rights or Human Rights?

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Most Democrats, now looking forward to a Biden presidency and a narrow majority in the next Senate, realize that Republicans can block virtually all Democratic legislation by using the filibuster, and they therefore favor its abolition.

Israel’s Crimes Must Be Met With Arms Embargo

Maureen Clare Murphy The Electronic Intifada
Palestinian children sitting in the dark due to power outage The complicity of Western governments such as the US, UK and the European Union allows Israel’s “crimes against a captive civilian population” in Gaza to proceed with impunity.
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