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The Ad for the Gun a 5-Year-Old Used to Shoot His 2-Year-Old Sister (Video)

Justin Peters Slate
There is a long tradition in this country of children—primarily in rural areas—learning to shoot at a young age. But there is a point where all reasonable people need to admit that a kid is too young to own and/or shoot a real rifle that shoots real bullets. Four years old—the age the Kentucky boy who shot his 2-year-old sister apparently was when he received a Crickett rifle as a gift—is way, way too young.

Supreme Court: Concealed Carry May Be Next

Michael Waldman Brennan Center for Justice
It's not only on abortion that the justices’ understanding of the Constitution is at odds with respect for the rights of citizens. They're about to rule on a big Second Amendment case as well.

Friday Nite Videos | April 9, 2021

The National Debt | John Oliver. Biko | Peter Gabriel. Jordan Klepper Debunks “Good Guy With a Gun”. Fighting for Equality in Computer Science and Beyond. Why So Many QAnon Believers Are Evangelical Christians.

How Gun Rights Helped Mainstream Neo-fascists

Dave Anderson Boulder Weekly
Larry Pratt, a former Virginia state legislator, suggested that local armed militias should be formed to help in the war on drugs. His models were the civil defense patrols in Guatemala and the Alsa Masa vigilantes in the Philippines
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