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A Clean Energy Scheme to Entrench a Dirty Occupation

Maureen Clare Murphy The Electronic Intifada
wind turbine Al-Marsad...has found that the Tel Aviv-based company’s wind turbine project violates the indigenous Syrian population’s right to self-determination. The scheme also serves to strengthen Israel’s control over the territory.

The Golan: Trump’s Donation to Netanyahu’s Reelection Campaign

Ali Harb Middle East Eye
Members of Syria’s Druze community hold Syrian and Druze flags. To help re-elect Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Trump endorsed Israeli sovereignty over Syria’s Golan and tore up UN Security Council Resolution 242, the foundation for every effort towards a just and lasting Middle East peace.

Syria’s Long War Will Be Decided in These Three Theaters

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy In Focus
As a bloody siege looms over Idlib, the U.S. is digging into the east, and conflict between Iran and Israel may put Syria in the crosshairs. Turkey will have to eventually withdraw from Syria; Israel will eventually have to come to terms with Iran...
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