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As Long As Rights Are Trampled, There Will Be Forced Migration

Roy Bourgeois and Margaret Knapke Foreign Policy in Focus
We often debate the pros and cons of welcoming immigrants here. We seldom consider the U.S. impact on the countries they leave. Ultimately, reducing the flow of refugees requires a just foreign policy, one that values people over profits. You can be sure: As long as rights are trampled, voices are silenced, and lives are cut short — there will be forced migration. Even at great risk. Even without parents. Even with a wall.

Fighting To Stay Home

David Bacon In These Times - Web Only Feature
Violently evicted by their government and unwelcome in the U.S., Mexican mining unionists have nowhere to go.

The Backyard Shock Doctrine

Laura Gottesdiener Tom Dispatch
“Internal displacement causes conflict. And there’s no other country in the world that would force so much internal displacement and pretend that it’s something else.”
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