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A World to Win: A Utopian Vision of Communism's Techno-future

Sarah Jaffe Bookforum
Fascism may be resurging, but so is socialism. Yet what would a genuine post-scarcity, egalitarian, democratic, communist society look like? The author thinks he knows, offering tantalizing if evanescent glimpses that tweak the imagination.

Corporate Delusions of Automation Fuel the Cruelty of Uber and Lyft

Brian Merchant Gizmodo
Lyft and Uber drivers on strike. Despite huge financial losses, widespread worker anger and global strikes, investors continue to pour money into two ride-hailing companies that have never turned a profit. Because, as the magical thinking goes, soon Uber and Lyft won’t need drivers.


What the Strike Ahead of Uber's IPO Exposes About American Inequality

Alana Semuels Time
One group who won’t benefit much from Uber’s IPO: its drivers, who numbered 3.9 million at the end of last year. They are likely to see their pay worsen as the company strives to become more profitable while facing public shareholder pressure.

Imagining a World With No Bullshit Jobs

David Graeber, Chris Brooks Roar Magazine
In this interview about his latest book, David Graeber discusses the role of unions, the challenges posed by automation and “the revolt of the caring classes.”

Why Trade Unions Should Fund Automation

Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter
This week I am going to talk about trade unions and automation, and why we should put the labour movements money into shaping automation for our use.
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