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When Socialists Won Women’s Suffrage

Eric Blanc Jacobin
Contrary to the myth that socialists have always ignored gender oppression, women’s suffrage was first won by socialist feminists — and working-class revolt.

Why we have time zones

Whet Moser Quartz
Time zones can be as much about politics as logistics. Spain switched time zones in 1941, a gesture of solidarity from Francisco Franco to Adolf Hitler.

When American Small Towns Loved Socialism

Noah Van Sciver, Paul Buhle, Steve Max, Dave Nance Yes Magazine
A graphic biography about Eugene V. Debs, folk hero and presidential candidate, reminds us of a time when support for socialism was strong in places like Kansas, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

Hurricane Harvey: EPA Rejects NASA Offer to Monitor Houston Pollution

Susanne Rust and Louis Sahagun Los Angeles Times
NASA’s DC-8 Flying Laboratory.
After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, rescue crews and residents complained of nausea and dizziness. NASA scientists prepared to send the world’s most sophisticated aircraft to monitor the pollution, but Texas and the EPA told them to stay away.

Paul Manafort’s Sentence Proves White Lives Matter

Michael Harriot The Root
Manafort showed no remorse. He lied to prosecutors. He refused to cooperate with the investigators. He had shared secret information with Russians. But Paul Manafort is white.