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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Let’s Talk Bernie 2020

Hamilton Nolan and Bhaskar Sunkara Jacobin
Should Bernie Sanders be the Left’s presidential candidate in 2020? Hamilton Nolan and Bhaskar Sunkara revive the great American tradition of arguing about Bernie online.

Federal Workers: Shutdown and Out

Saurav Sarkar Labor Notes
By January 14, the TSA itself was conceding that the national rate of sick calls was three times as high as the same day a year ago.

Neo-Nazis Are Gaining Power In Ukraine?

Michael Colborne The Bullet
Ukraine’s far-right is like a hydra, with ugly heads that pop-up far too frequently. Just within the last few weeks, an American-born cabinet minister thanked a group of violent neo-Nazi “activists” for their services.

Our Planet Is in Crisis, Time if Running Out and the Heat’s On Us

Dahr Jamail TomDispatch
The Gulkana Glacier in the Alaska Range.
We have a finite amount of time left to coexist with much of the biosphere, glaciers, coral, and thousands of species of plants, animals, and insects. But, saying good-bye to them must also involve doing everything we can to save whatever is left.

A Better Count

Mike Maciag Governing
The 2020 census is plagued by uncertainties. Here's how some places are preparing.

Rosa and Karl - 100th Anniversary

Victor Grossman Portside
But the masses of red flowers for Karl Liebknecht and, even more for Rosa Luxemburg, was higher than I have ever seen them. Both were murdered one hundred years ago.

Far Worse Than Watergate

Ryan Goodman Slate
If Donald Trump suborned perjury from Michael Cohen, he’s compromised by Russia.