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America, You Must Not Look Away

By Michael Moore Open Mike
After the children's massacre in Newtown, the absolute last thing the National Rifle Association wants out there in the public domain is ANY images of what happened that tragic day.

So Why Don’t We Have Better Unions?

By Michael Hirsch Logos: A Journal of Modern Society & Culture
We don’t have a class either sociologically or politically in any position yet to do much better.

The Case for Open Borders

By J.A. Myerson Jacobin: A Magazine of Culture and Polemic
When the Right charges the Left with advocating amnesty, we should show them to be correct.

So Why Don't We Have Better Unions?

Michael Hirsch Logos: A Journal of Modern Society & Culture
Labor is in trouble which is not news to our readers. Michael Hirsch describes some of the obvious problems and some ways forward. He believes unions should have more of them against us approach. This was something Occupy Wall Street did very successfully. For a short period of time they changed the dialogue away from austerity to the needs of working period. Other ideas include community and union based electoral campaigns, workers papers, international organizing.

Labor Activist Urges “Innovation” in Workers' Rights Organizing

Rebecca Bowe Guardian
Fletcher told the Guardian he believes the national labor movement is witnessing a “final offensive” from big business and right-wing interests, and “an attempt to destroy unions altogether.” He also criticized a reluctance among national labor leaders to openly recognize the gravity of the situation.