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Moral Imperative of Bradley Manning

Ray McGovern Common Dreams
Official Washington still glorifies George W. Bush’s “successful surge” in Iraq while ignoring the wanton slaughter inflicted on Iraqis. So, there remains a high-level desire to harshly punish Pvt. Bradley Manning for exposing the horrific truth about that and other war crimes.

Charley Richardson R.I.P. Union Activist, Protested Iraq War

JM Lawrence Boston Globe
A former shipfitter at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy and a longtime labor union activist, Mr. Richardson cofounded Military Families Speak Out, an organization that mushroomed to include more than 4,000 families, along with chapters in 18 states. Mr. Richardson, who directed the Labor Extension Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and trained union leaders around the world, died May 4 in his Jamaica Plain home. He was 60.

The Problem with Partition

William K. Barth Tikkun
A human rights approach could lead the way to resolving the problems of partition and the problems of a two state solution. International human rights treaties offer states alternatives to partition. Instead, human rights conventions offer types of integration that protect the existence and identity of national linguistic, ethnic, and religious groups.

A 100-Year-Old Idea That Could Transform the Labor Movement

Daniel Gross In These Times
With the traditional union model and its emphasis on bargaining by representatives exiting the stage, working people are urgently searching for a new way to challenge corporate power and win a better life for their families. One hundred years later, the road not taken—represented by Local 8—represents one model.

When Large Birds Disappear, Rainforests Suffer

Rachel Nuwer Smithsonian Magazine
By the time people realized there was value in keeping the forest around, nearly 90 percent of it had been lost. Much of what remains today occurs in isolated, random pockets. For those smaller jungle patches the choices long-dead humans made may lead to complete collapse of some of the world’s most diverse sections of rainforest. Like a real-life game of Jenga, birds could prove to be the key piece that causes the entire jungle system to fall down.

Ten Ways New Chemical Bill Marks a Retreat

Thomas Cluderay Environmental Working Group
The new bill marks a significant retreat from the Safe Chemicals Act. Missing are dozens of critical provisions designed to protect the public, especially vulnerable groups such as unborn babies, infants and children. These flaws raise this question: “Where exactly was the compromise”? This looks more like an industry bill than a law that will ensure that chemicals in commerce, many of which are polluting our bodies, are safe for all of us – especially kids.