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Reparations Economics 101

Bob Hennelly Salon
Once we start mapping the brutality - always an organizing principle of capitalism - it will be difficult to stop.

The Other Red Meat: What The New York Times Missed

Miles Nolte The Meat Eater
Meats traverse different narratives from field to plate, and the texture of those journeys emerges in their related greenhouse gas emissions as much as their flavor profiles.

No War with Iran

United for Justice and Peace & Veterans for Peace United for Justice and Peace & Veterans for Peace
older woman holding protest sign
We must demand Congress prevent the Trump Administration from going to war with Iran. To that end, United for Peace & Justice has partnered with Veterans For Peace, a UFPJ member group.

Toward a Movement 40 Million Strong

Jon Liss Organizing Upgrade
immigrant rights protest sign
The battle over ideas (both in form and content, and as measured by PAC, party, and candidate spending) is breeding cynicism and driving down voter turnout.

IKEA Workers Vote To Join Machinists union

Staff Fightback News
A group of 186 distribution center workers at IKEA distribution centers in Joliet and Minooka, Illinois voted June 19 and 20 to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).

Against Polling

Nathan Akehurst, Rosie Collington Jacobin
The polling industry claims to offer live snapshots of what the public thinks. Yet the obsession with polls is reducing politics to market research.