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The Other Red Meat: What The New York Times Missed

Miles Nolte The Meat Eater
Meats traverse different narratives from field to plate, and the texture of those journeys emerges in their related greenhouse gas emissions as much as their flavor profiles.

To a Stranger

Walt Whitman Whitman Archive
Pride Flag Waves Over San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade
In this season of gay pride and the varieties of love, Walt Whitman speaks to us on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

The Impossibility of Impeachment

Michael Kazin The New Republic
For reviewer Kazin, the failure of the effort to remove President Andrew Johnson from office, a story that is brilliantly recounted in this book, deserves careful study as we review today's political environment.

Scorsese’s Rolling Thunder Energy

Sam Adams Slate
Martin Scorsese blends fact and fiction for a playfully experimental film about the most freewheeling tour Bob Dylan ever did. The true shock of Rolling Thunder Revue is in how good, how alive, Dylan is on stage.

You Will Never Smell My World the Way I Do

Heather Murphy The New York Times
New research provides evidence of how extraordinarily different one person’s “smellscape” may be from another’s. It’s not that some people are better smellers; it’s that any one person might experience certain scents more intensely than their peers.