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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Racial Wealth Gap Much Smaller Among Union Members

Christian Weller Forbes
Persistently large wealth inequality leaves many African-Americans--as well as Latinos and some parts of the Asian-American communities--in a very precarious economic situation and poorly prepared for retirement.

After ICE Raid, A Shortage Of Welders In Tigertown, Texas

John Burnett NPR
On the one hand, Texas is a staunch law-and-order state where conservatives support Trump's immigration agenda; on the other hand, if ICE is too successful, employers are wondering where they're going to find people to man their businesses.

State "Uber" Legislation

Gali Racabi On Labor
State TNC and MC Legislation: Preemption and Employment Status of Drivers

33 Zimbabwean Trade Unionists Arrested Ahead of Nation-wide Protests

People's Dispatch
Police assaulted union members before arresting the president and general secretary of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. Unionists have accused current President Mnangagwa of trying to implement neoliberal policies in favour of big business.