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Tennessee Janitors Convince Target To Drop Dirty Cleaning Contractor

Saurav Sarkar Labor Notes
Despite a hostile labor climate and weak labor laws, workers in Tennessee still have power! They have pressured Target to drop a contractor that has been the subject of many lawsuits alleging racist practices, retaliation, and stolen wages.

Dan Clawson, Presente!

Barbara Madeloni Labor Notes
Dan Clawson, who passed away on May 7, will be remembered fondly as a tireless organizer and strategic thinker who was always inviting activists into the labor movement.

Larry Hanley Was a Transformational Labor Leader.

Larry Cohen Working In These Times
Larry understood that the very existence of mass transit depended on those riders who most depended on it, most often Black, Latino and immigrant workers.

Class, Empathy, and the Green New Deal

John Russo Working Class Perspectives
To build a just and inclusive movement to fight climate change and overcome past environmental classism, we need empathy, shared values, and organizing. This is what the Green New Deal promotes.

What the Strike Ahead of Uber's IPO Exposes About American Inequality

Alana Semuels Time
One group who won’t benefit much from Uber’s IPO: its drivers, who numbered 3.9 million at the end of last year. They are likely to see their pay worsen as the company strives to become more profitable while facing public shareholder pressure.

Why the Labor Movement Has Failed - And How to Fix It

Sarita Gupta, Stephen Lerner and Joseph A McCartin Boston Review
Traditional worker organizing has failed on every level. But??new approaches are finding success, pointing the way to a more just future. This essay will be featured in a Boston Review forum - check back to read the responses.