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Can the Decline of Unions Be Reversed?

Arthur MacEwan Dollars&Sense
The decline of unions and the difficulties that unions face in 2021 are not simply a result of some sort of inexorable forces, which is often how globalization and technological change are presented.


Black Worker Centers: Building Workplace Power in the Communities

Matthew Cunnington-Cook The American Prospect
Worker centers in general serve as a clearinghouse for workers’ needs when forming a union is all but impossible. Even in anti-union terrains, the centers have found ways to change public and corporate policies.


Bessemer: No Organizing Effort Is Ever Wasted

Chris Townsend Marxism-Leninism Today
Amazon and the other major employers today will not be organized until the left wing does the hard, thankless, exhausting organizing work of patiently building real union structures and real organizational muscle.
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