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California Inks Contract with New 40,000-member Child Care Union

BY DON THOMPSON Associated Press
Some 40,000 child-care workers across the state will receive a 15 percent raise in their new contract. The contract settlement coincided with a state budget agreement to fund 200,000 child-care slots over five years.

To Honor Black History, Fund Our Front-Line Heroes

Lee Saunders and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II AFSCME.medium
Through their work in public education, public transit and public health, millions of African Americans have been able to provide for their families and strengthen their communities. But without federal aid now those jobs are on the chopping block.


Why the Janus Decision Matters to Library Unions

Carrie Smith American Libraries Magazine
On June 27, the Supreme Court delivered a blow to public sector unions that could affect many library workers. More than a quarter of librarians (26.2%) and around one-fifth of library technicians (19.3%) and library assistants 22.7%) are members.
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