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Friday Nite Videos | July 10, 2020

The Myth of De Facto Segregation. John Prine | Some Humans Ain't Human. Irresistible | Movie. Jesus Sets the Record Straight. Hot Take Crew Ballistic Over Supreme Court's Trump Tax Returns Ruling.

After the End of Native Mascots

Once the slurs and caricatures are gone, we're left to reconcile the erasure, tokenization, and colonization that exist beyond them

Biden’s Economic Plan: Better Than You May Think

And some of it seems to have been inspired by Elizabeth Warren

Undercover Patriots

The imperial power that we veterans fought for abroad is the same one some of us are now struggling against at home and the two couldn’t be more intimately linked. Our struggle is, at least in part, over who gets to define patriotism.

The Donald Trump That Only His Family Has Seen

'Cheating is a way of life'

Strike for Black Lives to Highlight Racism -July 20

A coalition of labor unions with racial and social justice organisations will stage a mass walkout to highlight racism July 20. Groups include Service Workers (SEIU), Teamsters, Teachers, Farmworkers, Domestic Workers and the Movement for Black Lives

BlackLivesMatter May Be Largest Movement in US History

Across the country there have been more than 4,700 demonstrations - an average of 140 per day, since the first protests began, according to a Times analysis. Turnout ranges from dozens to tens of thousands in about 2,500 small towns and large cities

Why I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State

For decades I argued for separation between Israelis and Palestinians. Now, I can imagine a Jewish home in an equal state. The two-state solution is dead. It’s time for liberal Zionists to abandon Jewish–Palestinian separation and embrace equality.

Without Radical Community Education We Won’t Move Ahead

Community education cannot be considered an “add-on” — we must center it as an integral part of our ongoing organizing. We need to understand the need for political education-- taking lessons from work on Israel/Palestine and anti-Islamophobia.

July 9, 2020-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Standing Up to Trump and Racism; Black Lives Matter; Pandemic, COVID-19, Evictions; ICE Foreign Student Guidelines; Voter Suppression; Labor Unions and Police; Confederate Monuments; Big Oil; Margy Wilkinson; Hamilton; Announcements
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False Flag

Jed Myers
After nights of fire and looting, the poet Jed Myers asks in “False Flag” the simple question: who is shifting the blame to whom?


The Revolutionary Life of Dr. Alan Berkman

Michael Steven Smith Mondoweiss
Susan Reverby’s riveting biography of Alan Berkman is a magnificent book. Berkman was imprisoned in the 60s, convicted for his political work. On regaining his freedom he devoted his life to public health and helping those the system abandoned.


Our Time Is Now

Charles Kaiser The Guardian
An eloquent and moving call for voting rights reform shows the former Georgia House minority leader is ready for higher office.


Say Thank You Say I’m Sorry

Jericho Brown NY Times Book Review
“I’d like us to rethink/What it is to be a nation,” writes the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet.



The Role of Labour Activism in Vietnam’s Coronavirus Success

Joe Buckley Equal Times
Worker action has helped push the Vietnamese government to address COVID-19. At the time of writing, there have been 334 cases and no deaths. Through strikes and workplace activity, workers have demanded protection and support.

Friday nite video


The Myth of De Facto Segregation

‘The racial segregation in every metropolitan area in this country was created by racially explicit government policy, designed to create racial boundaries.’


Irresistible | Movie

Get ready for the most irresistible comedy event of the summer. From writer/director Jon Stewart, the world premiere of #Irresistible is now in theaters and on demand