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The Voting Disaster Ahead

Intentional voter suppression and unintentional suppression of the vote will collide in November.

The Coming Pandemic-Induced Eviction Crisis

If federal unemployment benefits are not extended when they expire next month, millions of households will be facing both steep rent and unemployment with no assistance. And that means mass evictions.

World Rises Up Against Israeli Annexation Plan

"The Palestinian struggle today is not just about fighting annexation, which we must continue to do. It is about dismantling the entire system of apartheid."

Europeans' Trust in US as World Leader Collapses

Many citizens appalled by Donald Trump’s handling of coronavirus crisis, study finds

Global Left Midweek - July 1, 2020

Surge in Sudan, purge in UK, African solidarity with US protests, and more

I Read (Almost) Every Memoir by a Former Trump Official

Taken all together these staffer memoirs offer a sense of something that no outsider can ever completely understand: what it’s like to live in Trump World.

Truth-Telling Leads to Racial Healing, Studies Show

Truth commissions and reparations programs can effectively involve all perspectives in a conflict about longstanding political and economic grievances.

60+ Groups Demand Senate Pass Sanders Cut to Military

"The current moment should force us to confront the reality that, for too long, we have invested in the wrong priorities, the wrong tools, and the wrong solutions."

Health Workers Filed More Than 4,000 Complaints

Federal officials rapidly closed many complaints without issuing citations, raising new questions over government inaction

Media Bits and Bytes - June 30, 2020

Facebook ad boycott, the threat of facial recognition tech, and more
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Black Achilles

Tim Whitmarsh Aeon
In this essay, Tim Whitmarsh challenges what most of us were taught, and what we think we know, about the Ancient world and the idea of "race."


Five Books About Food and Black Identity

Joseph Lamour Mic
The debate over Aunt Jemima and other food mascots and their own problematic brand marketing stirred up a lot of curiosity about food and race; these books about food and Black identity add to the conversation.


Health & Wealth

Peter Neil Carroll San Francisco Chronicle
The coronavirus reveals evils of our economic systems, the poet suggests maybe it's time for confiscating some wealth.


Monster Capitalism

Jonah Raskin CounterPunch
Updating his 2005 The Monster at Our Door, Davis views the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of previous viral catastrophes, exposing the key roles of agribusiness, the fast food industries, corrupt governments and a capitalist system out of control


Hard Time

Chase Madar Bookforum
These two books are helpful background sources for the issues involved in today's protests for black lives. Although each is a few years old, they are both worth a second look.



“The Union Has to Be About Social Justice”

An interview with Cecily Myart-Cruz Jacobin
Incoming LA teachers' union president Cecily Myart-Cruz was a leader of the city’s landmark 2019 strike. Now she explains why it’s important to get police out of schools and what the labor movement can do about it.


All Workers Must Stand Against Police Violence

UE Executive Board UE News
We join the call to “defund the police.” What does it mean to defund the police? It means reducing police budgets so we can invest in the economic development and social services that are needed to make all communities safe and prosperous.

Friday nite video

The Chicks | March March

“If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.” - unknown. Use your VOICE. Use your VOTE. By The Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks).


The Killing Floor (Digitally Restored) | Movie

This 1985 Sundance-Award winning film speaks deeply to the present moment, exploring a true story of the struggle of black and white workers, over a hundred years ago, to build a strong interracial union in the giant Chicago slaughterhouses in the face of the mounting racism that erupted in violence in the Chicago Race Riot of 1919. It has been beautifully digitally restored and re-released by Film Movement, and is now rentable for streaming here.